Camporee Cadre Boxes


Cadre Box from Wood-N Stream

1. Back of box has 2 doors (doors are each 15 1/2 x 20)

2. Front of box has drop down door for work space (drop down door is 32 x 20 1/2)

3. Inside compartments (16 3/8″ deep) Left compartments are 11″ wide Top right compartment is 8″ tall Bottom right compartment is 11 3/4″ tall Two vertical compartments on bottom right are 3″ wide (good for frying pans)

4. Back compartment is 7″ deep Note legs (30″ long – made of heavy 3/4 inch thin wall conduit) They fit in back compartment

5. Overall size: 21″ high; 32″ wide; 24 1/2 deep Bottom is ¾” plywood; top, sides and door are 1/2″; partitions are 1/4″ Drop down door is covered with formica type material

Thanks to Frank Ayre of Wood-N-Stream Council for Sharing this Design



Building a cadre box with Larry De Haan of Rush Creek

Third Party “Chuck Box” from Lance’s Woodshop

“Chuck Box” Similar to Lance’s only customized