Cadet Week / Cadet Sunday / Theme Materials

Theme for 2017 / 2018
God Seeking Us

Theme Verse for 2017 / 2018

For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them. Ezekiel 34:11

Cadet Sunday Bulletin Covers
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Theme Logo
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Song Suggestions 
for Cadet Sunday
Below are some suggestions for songs (and the writer or artist) that fit this year’s theme. There are many other songs that can help relay the message that we are in this game, keeping our eyes on Jesus as we go. Try to pick your church’s favorite.

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Alternative version of Living for Jesus

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General Information on 
Cadet Sunday/Cadet Week

There are many ways to keep your Cadet club in the minds and hearts of your congregation and community. Promoting your Cadet ministry should be an on-going project, (things like Cadet bulletin boards in the back of church or clean-up days around the church and community) but the organization does provide some material and information to help you give special emphasis to the Cadeting ministry.

Cadet Week and Cadet Sunday: Traditionally, Cadet Sunday is the last Sunday in the month of January and Cadet Week is the week leading up to that Sunday. Of course, if these dates don’t work for church you are free to schedule Cadet Sunday and Cadet Week at a better time.

During Cadet Week your club is encouraged to get families involved by having families visit your club or have fund raising events. The week culminates in Cadet Sunday where the boys of the club participate in a worship service. Participation can take many forms — such as reciting the Landmarks or singing the Cadet hymn in front of the congregation or performing a short drama that presents the theme for the Cadet season. Again, be creative in your approach so that those worshipping with you will remember your boys and the Cadet program.