Coit and Pine Grove Clubs at the Impression 5 Science Center

The Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing, Michigan is a great destination for a Cadet outing. And about a third of all the Cadet clubs in North America could make it a one-day outing. The science center is a hands-on museum build especially for kids.
On April 25, 2015, the Cadets and counselors of Pine Grove CRC (Howard City, Michigan) and Coit Community CRC (Grand Rapids, Michigan) met there at 10:00 AM — opening time — and spent the day learning and having fun while they did. For information on the museum, check out For information on the Pine Grove and Coit visit, check out the pictures below.

ScienceTrip 5What could be more fun that learning about water levels and locks than actually playing in the water? Mathieu (left) and Isaac get ready to release a flood on the unsuspecting townspeople below.

ScienceTrip 1After paying at the front desk, the two clubs line up for their habitual field trip photo.

ScienceTrip 2

ScienceTrip 3When the rope is around a few pulleys, even Mathieu (front) and Isaac can pull a 500 pound (226.8 kg) block of cement across a wood platform.

ScienceTrip 4Lunchtime, and the kids ate the food they brought. It looks like they’re more interested in the hand-held video games Mathieu brought than in the exhibits.