A Great Resource
Beyond the typical news and information the Clarion staff works hard to provide the counselor with articles that are both inspirational and practical. Program updates such as new merit badge copy are published in Clarion. Need new project ideas? Clarion is your source. Counselors know that their job is to share Jesus’ love with the boys, but the frustrations of dealing with discipline problems or just simply coming up with an exciting activity to keep the boys coming to the meetings can be overwhelming. Clarion newsletter provides timely articles on many such topics.

Clarion newsletter is published three times every Cadet season (fall, winter, and spring). If you are a counselor and have not received this important tool, make sure your club has registered for the current season and has filled out the club information form. If there is a change in address of a counselor or an addition to your counselor list use the on-line club information form to submit the new information. In the space provided for club name, type in your club name and then type in (change of address) or (additional counselor).

Clarion Newsletter is an online magazine. Going online with the newsletter has some distinct advantages. Reducing printing and mailing costs keeps the Cadeting program more affordable for you the user. Using less paper and fossil fuels to transport hard copy helps the environment. And the online version can be interactive — providing links and media options (video) that makes it a better tool for you!

Get it Online or Mailed to You
The downloadable PDF Clarion is FREE to all registered counselors! If you want a paper copy mailed to you the yearly subscription of three issues is $8 US and $10 CAN — contact the office to order 616-241-5616 ext. 4.

Clarion Online

Here is a listing of Clarion Newsletters that you can download

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