General Responsibilities

Primary responsibility is to the council board for contributing to the learning needs assessment, council education planning, and development/delivery of council education efforts of the council’s DCE team. Secondary responsibility is to the staff training coordinator through the regional training coordinator for personal development planning and participating in the developmental opportunities provided.


  • Is now, or has been an active Cadet counselor within the last three years.
  • Has completed the Counselor Certification Course.
  • Is willing to serve in this position for a minimum of three years.
  • Is committed to the concept of cadeting as a ministry.
  • Understands the role that counselor education plays in equipping Cadet counselors to be 
more effective in their ministry to boys.
  • Is familiar with the purpose and contents of the R•P•B Guidebook, Counselor Manual, Clarion, Cadet Profile, Cadet Quest Lessons – Counselor Edition, Cadet Quest magazine, and other materials he has personally used in his ministry to boys.
  • Is committed to preparing for responsibilities and meetings.
  • Is committed to being an effective member of his council’s DCE team.
  • Is comfortable with getting up in front of others and desires to improve his skills in making 
presentations and in facilitating group discussions.

Specific Duties

  • Attend all three phases of DCE basic training, plus make every effort to attend other 
DCE training provided in his region.
  • Participate in either a coordinator or developer role (or both) on his council’s DCE team: Coordinator — responsible for conducting annual learning needs assessment, insuring that the annual counselor education plan is completed and submitted to the council board and regional training coordinator (RTC), and helping coordinate the counselor education workshops provided by the DCE team to the council. Developer — responsible for developing and delivering counselor education workshops and completing self-evaluation forms for those workshops which are then submitted to the RTC.
  • Complete, submit to the RTC, and implement an annual personal development plan to insure continued growth and development.
  • Cooperate with the RTC in his efforts to strengthen the counselor education offered in all the councils in that region.