Regional Training Coordinator

An RTCs primary duty is to be a support to those involved in local counselor education activities — mainly the DCEs. RTCs are appointed by the executive committee to serve in this position. Below is the RTC job description.

Regional Training Coordinator Contact information

RTC Job Description

General Responsibilities

Responsible to the training coordinator, serving as liaison between the training coordinator and the DCEs in his own region.


  • An active counselor who has completed all three phases of DCE training.
  • Willing to serve for a minimum of three years.
  • Committed to the concept of servant leadership.
  • Comfortable with and capable of making presentations and facilitating learning in a workshop situation.
  • Able to travel and attend training and planning sessions.
  • Able to commit adequate time to meet the responsibilities of this position.

Specific Duties

  1. Monitor the three-phase training and work of DCEs within his region.
  2. Phase 1 DCE training — work with councils in his region to recruit DCE candidates, coordinated with the Corps office and the training coordinator.
  3. Phase 2 and 3 DCE training — encourage Phase 1 and 2 participants to register for the next phase.
  4. Help maintain a DCE database to include a list of active DCEs in his region and an inventory of workshops — for a “DCE Training Exchange” service.
  5. Monitor council DCEs and DCE team’s efforts by e-mail or telephone to gain a written copy of the annual counselor education plan — due each fall.
  6. Follow up with DCE team leaders to learn of good workshops twice each year in December and May.
    Coordinate advanced training for DCEs within his region.
  7. Plan and coordinate an annual regional DCE summit meeting. Use this event to assess the learning needs of the DCEs in the region.
  8. Provide or coordinate training for DCEs and DCE teams as needed and requested.
  9. Coordinate the counselor education aspect of any regional conventions or other regional counselor education events that may be scheduled.
  10. Attend the annual RTC training and planning session held during the January Congress.

Regional Training Coordinator Note: The regional training coordinator cannot serve as a council congressman during his term as RTC.