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Beyond the typical news and information the Clarion staff works hard to provide the counselor with articles that are both inspirational and practical. Program updates such as new merit badge copy are published in Clarion. Need new project ideas? Clarion is your source. Counselors know that their job is to share Jesus’ love with the boys, but the frustrations of dealing with discipline problems or just simply coming up with an exciting activity to keep the boys coming to the meetings can be overwhelming. Clarion newsletter provides timely articles on many such topics.

Clarion newsletter is published three times every Cadet season (fall, winter, and spring). If you are a counselor and have not received this important tool, make sure your club has registered for the current season and has filled out the club information form. If there is a change in address of a counselor or an addition to your counselor list use the on-line club information form to submit the new information. In the space provided for club name, type in your club name and then type in (change of address) or (additional counselor).

Clarion Newsletter is an online magazine. Going online with the newsletter has some distinct advantages. Reducing printing and mailing costs keeps the Cadeting program more affordable for you the user. Using less paper and fossil fuels to transport hard copy helps the environment. And the online version can be interactive — providing links and media options (video) that makes it a better tool for you!

Get it Online or Mailed to You
The downloadable PDF Clarion is FREE to all registered counselors! If you want a paper copy mailed to you the yearly subscription of three issues is $8 US and $10 CAN — contact the office to order 616-241-5616 ext. 4.

Below are pdf files that you can download of the more recent issues of Clarion

To view these links you need to be a registered user of the CCC counselor website, and you must be logged in.

These booklets have been written to assist counselors in some areas of particular interest/concern or with special events. You can order them through our on-line store or through your local council quartermaster.

  • counsaidbooklets3042 • Bicycle Touring
  • 3038 • Braiding
  • 3029 • Cadet-O-Rama
  • 3393 • Cadet-O-Ree
  • 3028 • Cadet Week
  • 3430 • Child Abuse
  • 3030 • Discovering God in Nature
  • 3039 • Father Involvement in Cadeting
  • 3036 • Head Counselor
  • 3031 • Knots & Lashing
  • 3058 • Metalworking
  • 3032 • Model Car Derby
  • 3033 • Retreats
  • 3034 • Snow Derby
  • 3037 • Water Carnival

jrcounscounscertcourseThese courses have been created to make sure that Cadets, counselors, and junior counselors have the proper information and training to do their jobs effectivly, whether it’s leading a group at club meeting or being prepared for the grandest of all campouts — the International Camporee.

3076 • Counselor Certification Course • An open book test that’s designed to help leaders become familiar with all aspects of cadeting. Leaders must take this course before they may wear the counselor stripe on their uniform shirt. You can download the paper version of the course as a pdf file or the new interactive PowerPoint version and start working on it immediately. The PowerPoint version is about 776 MB so it will take a few minutes to download and you will have to have the PowerPoint application in order to use it.

3492 • Junior Counselor Certification Course • An open book test that’s designed to help young men take that big step to becoming leaders in their Cadet club. The course is based on the Leadership Guide Trail Booklet so anyone wishing to complete this certification must have the Leadership booklet handy to help them answer questions. You can download the Junior Counselor Certification Course as a pdf file and start working on it immediately.

3457 • Head Counselor Certification Course – To wear the head counselor stripe on his uniform, a head counselor must take this open book test to help him learn what is included in the Head Counselor Handbook. You can download this course as a pdf and start working on it immediately.

camporeecertbookletsCamporee Certification

This course prepares Cadets and counselors for an international camporee and they must pass this course in order to attend. Cadets also must earn four badges — Axemanship, Camp Cooking, Fire Building, and Knots and Lashing — and meet the age requirements in order to attend an international camporee. You can order these from our on-line store or from your council quartermaster.

3452 • Instructor’s Manual provides all the information required to organize this course. Information is included on each of the three sessions required, along with estimated lengths of time needed for each segment of training. Also included are helpful checklists for a well-planned and organized course. You can order this product through you council quartermaster or from our online store.

3453 • Handbook • One handbook is needed for each Cadet or counselor taking the Camporee Certification Course. The certificate found in this handbook must be completed, signed, and sent in with a registration for an international camporee. You can order this product through your council quartermaster or from our online store.

Two Hours of Educational Programs in Three Sections on one DVD.  You can order this video series online. Decriptions of each program follows:

Section One • Cadeting in the Local Church

P-1 • This is Cadeting • This video segment gives an overview of the world of cadeting, from the club meetings and outings to the Corps structure and activities such as Congress and the international camporee. This is a good presentation to introduce churches to cadeting or to promote the organization to prospective Cadets and their parents.

P-2 • Cadeting as a Part of the Church’s Ministry • This short program is useful for informing church leaders and parents about three important aspects of cadeting: that it is intended to be an integral part of the local church’s ministry; how cadeting can be used to effectively complement Christian day school and church school programming; and how cadeting can be an effective part of the church’s evangelism program.

P-3 • The Challenge of Being a Cadet Counselor • Although intended for use in recruiting men to be counselors, this section of the video can also be used to orient new counselors to better understand what is expected of them and the support that they can expect.

P-4 • Promoting Your Cadet Club • This program presents a few ideas that clubs are using or can use to promote their club and it’s activities as well as the entire cadeting organization.

P-5 • A Look at the Cadet Council • The main points of the Cadet Council Handbook are outlined in the program, including officer job descriptions and ideas for promoting Cadet clubs to the church and the surrounding community. It concludes by exploring the benefits of involvement in a Cadet council.

P-6 • A Look at the Cadet Congress • This program explains the process by which decisions are made and officers and administrators selected in the Cadet Corps. It explains how you can make a proposal to the Cadet Congress and how proposals move through the system.

P-7 • What You Get From the Corps Office • As the title implies, this program discusses the broad range of resource materials available from the Corps office, such as counselor aid booklet, promotional materials, guidebooks, Cadet Quest magazine, and more. It also discusses the programs and conferences that are regularly offered to continue the counselor education process.

P-8 • The Cadet International Camporee • The Cadet International Camporee is the ultimate ministry experience in cadeting, for men and boys alike. This video program shows you exactly what a camporee is like and includes explanations of many of the activities which are part of the triennial camporee.

Section Two • The Cadet Program Series

P-9 • Junior Cadets • Junior Cadets explores the special Cadet ministry to boys in grades one through three (six- through eight-year-olds). It explains the unique needs of boys in this age group and the activities that a Junior Cadet program includes to most effectively teach these boys. This video clip also explains the resources that are available to help counselors run an effective Junior Cadet program.

P-10 • Recruit•Pathfinder•Builder • In this video segment, the major components of the R•P•B program, for boys in grades four through six (ages nine through eleven), are outlined. It explains the requirements for advancing in rank and earning merit badges. It also highlights the resources available for counselors working with boys at this program level.

P-11 • Guide Trails • The Guide Trails video section provides an explanation of the Cadet program designed specifically for boys in grades seven through nine (ages twelve through fourteen). It gives a close look at the structure of the “trails” that boys can choose to work through, and partially describes some of the projects that boys can complete. This segment also includes the resources that are available to counselors working with the Guide Trails program.

P-12 • Voyageurs • Voyageurs describes the Cadet program for boys in high school (ages fourteen through sixteen). This video explains the differences between the Voyageurs curriculum and the curriculum for younger Cadets. It also informs the viewer about the resources available to those who will counsel boys in this program level.

Section Three • The “How To” Series

P-13 • Getting the Most Out of Cadet Quest • This segment discusses each section of the Cadet Quest, the boys’ magazine, and how each part can be used most productively in a Cadet group or meeting. It challenges the counselor to think of ways he can creatively use Cadet Quest to provide variety and substance for the weekly group meeting.

P-14 • Motivating Boys • Here are some practical ideas that clubs and counselors can implement to help motivate their Cadets. The video discusses outside motivation systems and emphasizes that Cadets will not be motivated to learn what their club wants to teach them unless the counselors are enthusiastic about the material and their boys.

P-15 • Disciplining Boys • This segment begins by reviewing the true purpose of discipline. It examines the need for discipline in club and some methods you can use to establish and enforce a set of club rules. It emphasizes that for discipline to be effective, counselors must not only follow the rules themselves, but they must also be models of the positive behavior expected from the Cadets.

P-16 • Using the Cadet Profile • This encourages Cadet counselors to use the Cadet Profile to help them remember each boy’s interests and chart each boy’s progress. It explains some of the benefits of using the Cadet Profile and gives them the information they need to begin using it.

P-17 • Snow Derby • “Snow Derby” provides a look at the events that are part of a typical Cadet snow derby. It deals with such things as first aid, lashing, axemanship, and cliff rescue. It explains the benefits of involvement in a snow derby to your counselors and Cadets, and gives information on the resources that are available to help a council plan a snow derby.

The R•P•B merit badge helps are only available if you are logged in as a registered user of this Website. See information below on registering.

If you are a registered counselor of a CCC club, you can apply to be a registered user (at the link above) of the Cadet website. Once you have submitted the registration you will be sent a password, but you will not have access until the Cadet website administrator approves you as participant — email notification will be sent. Approval as a participant by the administrator may take up to 24 hours on the next business day after application.

The Counselor Manual helps for all the R•P•B program merit badges are online so that you can view (not print) them and decide which merit badges you would like to work on with your boys. These materials are made available for reference only and are not provided for your use as a substitute for purchasing the Counselor’s Manual. Please support your Cadeting organization by purchasing these materials.

The Cadet worksheets for all the R•P•B program merit badges are online so that you can view (not print) them and decide which merit badges you would like to work on with your boys. These materials are made available for reference only and are not provided for your use as a substitute for purchasing the Cadet Guidebook. Please support your Cadeting organization by purchasing these materials.

The updates and revisions of recently added merit badges for the R•P•B and Junior Cadet programs

The resource material for the Voyageur program is on-line. You can view it here.

The Hawkeye Council has assembled a set of instructional videos that can be accessed at this link:

There are “how to” videos on everything from knot tying, to compass reading, to model railroading, to music merit badge, and Guide Trails project overviews. Thanks, Hawkeye Council, for setting this up!

Links to Helpful Sites

United States Forest Service – Places to camp and camping skills (eg. low impact camping)

Canadian Forest Service – Places to camp and information on forestry programs.

US National Parks – Hiking and camping places and outdoor educational programs.

Parks Canada – Hiking and camping places and outdoor educational programs.

North Country Trail – Information on a trail that crosses the northern tier of US states

Trans Canada Trail – Information on a trail from Nova Scotia to British Columbia

Animated Knots – Knots demonstrated in action!

Practice Your Knots – A great place to learn your knots.