Council Meetings

Council meetings are the cornerstone of counselor education. Your local clubs gather to take advantage of combined resources to share ideas and provide workshops tailored to your local needs. Take a look to see if there is a council in your area. Contact the Cadet office to get the name of a council contact in your area.

International Counselors’ Conventions and Regional  Conferences

International conventions are gatherings of counselors and their families for several days of workshops, inspirational speakers, sharing of ideas, and encouragement. A regional conference is typically a single day event (often Saturday) but also has a great line-up of workshops and speakers. Check the Regional Calendar for regional events.

Counselor Certification Course

An open book “test” that takes you through the materials you will be using in your ministry to boys. For a printed copy contact your council quartermaster, or order it in our online store, or you can download the written version of the Counselor Certification Course (look for a download link in the product description section), or the new interactive PowerPoint version.

DCE: Developer of Counselor Education

Are you committed to helping your local counselors be the best they can be? With a recommendation from your council, you can apply for acceptance in a training program that provides you with the tools to educate other counselors. Upon completion of the training, you will be able to wear the DCE arm stripe and become a “go to” person for counselor training in your area.

RTC: Regional Training Coordinator

RTCs are a group of men that assist the DCEs in their local effort to train counselors. Want to know who is the RTC for your region? — Check here.

TC: Training Coordinator

The TC oversees the work of the RTCs and facilitates discussions and problem solving among the RTCs as it relates to their work in their region.

Counselor Aid Booklets

A series of how-to-do-it booklets on popular topics such as model car derby, snow derby, knots & lashing, and many more. Check with your council quartermaster or use the online store to purchase these booklets.

Supply Catalog

A supply catalog shows all the materials that are available to help you reach boys. You can obtain a printed supply catalog from your council quartermaster or from the online store.

Counselor and Head Counselor Job Descriptions

Visit this page to get specific descriptions of how the counselor and head counselor can minister to boys.

Counselor Forums

Share what works for you or pick up new ideas for your club — Topics include projects, activities, camping, fund-raising, and many more.  More information on the forums at this link.