Council Education

Regular counselor meetings at the council level are the fundamental building block of counselor training and education. The typical council will designate one or more DCEs (Developer of Counselor Education) to be in charge of arranging workshop leaders, speakers, demonstrations, and other programs to help the counselor to be effective. DCEs are specially trained through a DCE program to assess the educational needs of the clubs in his area and then develop an educational strategy to meet those needs. In addition, a council has the privilege of electing congressmen who attend the annual Cadet Congress which is the governing body of the Cadet organization. In other words, being part of a council gives you a voice in how the Cadet organization is run. Also, the combined resources of many clubs in a council can make possible special events (outlined in counselor aid booklets) for the boys such as:

  • Council Camporees — Weekend or week-long camps with a full line-up of outdoor activities and excursions.
  • Cadet-O-Rama — Often a year-end event that displays the crafts and activities of the clubs.
  • Model Car Derby — Often combined with Cadet-O-Rama — it is an event where the boys construct race cars out of blocks of wood and place them on a sloping track to see whose car will do the best job at harnessing gravity. Prizes are awarded for speed and appearance.
  • Snow Derby — Teams of boys pack their supplies on a sled and compete against each other and the elements in skills like fire-building, tent erection, compass reading, knots and lashing, obstacle course, cliff rescue, and first aid.
  • Chuck Wagon Derby — same as above only with wagons. A good alternative in locations where snow doesn’t happen or if you’d rather run the event at a warmer time of year.
  • Cadet-O-Ree — a competitive event that emphasizes camping/wilderness skills and some just-for-fun skills. The activities can be tailored to the confines of a school gym during winter months or outside activities in warmer months. Any competitive sport is possible for the round robin event, but wilderness skills like knots and lashing, compass, and first aid are often featured.

Please feel free to send information on your regional event so that we can link to it or assist you in getting it on this site.