Training Coordinator

Being a Cadet counselor is an incredible responsibility. For those who take on the challenge, it is vitally important that they have the best support possible. That support begins simply, at a personal level, with encouraging each counselor to be in prayer and in God’s Word, because the true strength for the task comes from the Lord. But we also believe that the Lord works through the gifts and talents of His people to assist us in life’s challenges. To that end, the Calvinist Cadet Corps wants to make sure that every counselor that is part of the CCC ministry has opportunity to receive training. Our current Training Coordinator is former executive director, Dick Broene. He will have information on regional conferences, DCE training, and the status of RTCs for your area.

Throughout cadeting there are men who are trained as DCEs (Developers of Counselor Education). It is their job to help councils (groups of Cadet clubs in a geographic area) with their educational programs. Our Training Coordinator serves these men in the field by:

  • Overseeing the training that DCEs receive
  • Assisting the RTCs (Regional Training Coordinators) in doing their jobs
  • Coordinating a workshop/trainer resource pool so that educational needs and educational gifts can be linked up. In general — helping to share educational resources throughout the organization.
  • Encouraging additional educational opportunities such as regional retreats or conferences.
  • Being a liason between the staff and the DCEs.