Camporee Cadre Boxes


Cadre Box from Wood-N-Stream

1. Back of box has 2 doors (doors are each 15 1/2 x 20)

2. Front of box has drop down door for work space (drop down door is 32 x 20 1/2)

3. Inside compartments (16 3/8″ deep) Left compartments are 11″ wide Top right compartment is 8″ tall Bottom right compartment is 11 3/4″ tall Two vertical compartments on bottom right are 3″ wide (good for frying pans)

4. Back compartment is 7″ deep Note legs (30″ long – made of heavy 3/4 inch thin wall conduit) They fit in back compartment

5. Overall size: 21″ high; 32″ wide; 24 1/2 deep Bottom is ¾” plywood; top, sides and door are 1/2″; partitions are 1/4″ Drop down door is covered with formica type material

Thanks to Frank Ayre of Wood-N-Stream Council for Sharing this Design



Building a cadre box with Larry De Haan of Rush Creek
Instructions (PDF file) for building Larry’s Cadre Box

Third Party “Chuck Box” from Lance’s Woodshop

“Chuck Box” Similar to Lance’s only customized