Convention 2015 was fantastic! Great workshops, great inspiration/entertainment, great children’s program, great food, great accommodations, — how many more “greats” can we say?  — Actually, a lot more, but we won’t bore you.  Just take a look at the video review.

Convention 2015 was held at the London Lamplighter Conference Center , July 9 – 11, in Ontario – hosted by Huron & Erie and Bear Creek Councils.

The International Cadet Counselors’ Convention is a gathering of Cadet counselors and their families from all over North America. The primary function of this event is education — equipping men so that they can be more effective servants of the Lord in their clubs and councils. Because the counselor’s ministry to boys relies heavily on the support and blessing of a counselor’s entire family, the host council prepares special programs and activities for the children and special workshops and events for the spouses.