The Calvinist Cadet Corps has funds available to help clubs and individuals with financial needs.

For Clubs
Richard Wierenga Memorial Fund
There are men who feel called to provide the cadeting ministry to the boys of their church and community, but the church simply doesn’t have the resources to support a Cadet club. Often just a one-time gift for the initial cost of program materials is all they need to get the program on its way to being self-sustaining. Help is available in the form of the RWMF. The request is reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Calvinist Cadet Corps.

Download the Richard Wierenga Memorial Fund application

For International Camporee Registrants
Cornel Rylaarsdam Memorial Fund
Some families would like to send their son to an international camporee, but they simply don’t have the financial resources to make it work. Job lay-offs, medical expenses, family crisis — we don’t want anything to stand in the way of a boy having the opportunity to participate in this great adventure. Whatever the reason, the CRMF is available to help pay part or all of the registration fees for individuals who need help. The request is reviewed by the Steering Committee of the International Camporee.

Download the form to apply for the Cornel Rylaarsdam Memorial Funds

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