Photo above: How do you play tug-of-war if you don’t have any rope? Just hang on to each other! The counselor is Joseph Birir
of the Kongasis Cadet Club in Kenya, Africa. They are partners with the Grand Valley Council in Michigan.

Often after a great cadeting event such as a snow derby, a fund raiser for the local food pantry, or a Cadet Sunday service, the counselors look at each other and say, “Somebody should have recorded this — it was so great!” or “Somebody needs to send the photos and story to the Corps office, our local newspaper or local TV station.”  But recording your event or sending in the story doesn’t seem to happen.  It should!  Think of sharing your story as a mission project to other clubs and counselors — because it is. Your story may create the spark needed for other clubs to do the same event or even expand on what you did. Your story may become a witness to your community and draw unbelievers to the Lord. Don’t worry about the words or pictures being “not good enough.”  God uses the weakest and the least (Judges 6:15) to do great things! Make reporting the news a priority.

There are two ways to share with fellow clubs and counselors:

1. Send an e-mail to the Corps office with photos attached. The staff will edit the story and will get the story out.

2. Use the “Great Fund Raisers“, “Great Activities” , or “Great Service Projects”, forum on this web site to share.