The following councils are required to order supplies from your council quartermaster: Bear Creek, Golden Bear, Golden Plains, Grand Rapids, Grand Valley, Greater Edmonton, Illiana, Niagara, NW Washington, Rush Creek, Southern California, and Three Rivers.

Guide Trails Patches




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Guide Trails Patches

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Guide Trails Patches

3224 Aero-Tech, 3225 Ag-Tech, 3220 Alternative Energy, 3235 Auto-Tech, 3232 Boating, 3219 Computer, 3226 Craftsman, 3228 Fellowship, 3227 Handyman, 3356 Hunter Safety, 3399 Law and Order, 3230 Leadership, 3231 Media-Tech, 3400 Money Management, 3233 Sportsman, 3379 Taxidermy, 3547 Wild Edible Plants, 3234 Woodsman

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