The following councils are required to order supplies from your council quartermaster: Bear Creek, Golden Bear, Golden Plains, Grand Rapids, Grand Valley, Greater Edmonton, Illiana, Niagara, NW Washington, Rush Creek, Southern California, and Three Rivers.

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Algonquin, Bear Creek, Berean East, Berean West, Blue Mountain, Cascade, Central Alberta, Chicago West, Eastern, Fraser Valley, Golden Bear, Golden Plains, Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids North, Grand River, Grand Valley, Greater Edmonton, Great Lakes, Hawkeye, Heritage, Huron & Erie, Illiana, Independent, Ironwood, Kalamazoo, Maitland Valley, Musk-O-Tawa, Niagara, Northwest Washington, Ottagon, Pacific Sierra, Pine Ridge, Rush Creek, St Clair, Sioux Valley, Southern California, Taquanyah, Thornapple Valley, Three Rivers, West Winds, Wood-N-Stream, Yellowstone

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