The following councils are required to order supplies from your council quartermaster: Bear Creek, Golden Bear, Golden Plains, Grand Rapids, Grand Valley, Greater Edmonton, Illiana, Niagara, NW Washington, Rush Creek, Southern California, and Three Rivers.

Camporee Certification Course Instructor’s Manual




This manual provides all the information required to organize this course. Information is included on each of the three sessions required, along with estimated lengths of time needed for each segment of training. Also included are helpful checklists for a well-planned and organized course.

This course prepares Cadets and counselors for an international camporee and they must pass it in order to attend. Cadets also must earn four badges — Axemanship, Camp Cooking, Fire Building, and Knots and Lashing (or Woodsman Guide Trail in place of those four badges) — and meet the age requirements in order to attend an international camporee.

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