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Counselor Education Video Series


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Cadeting in the Local Church

P-1 This is Cadeting
An overview of the world of cadeting, from the club meetings and outings, to the Corps’ structure and activities such as Congress and the international camporee. This is a good presentation to introduce churches to cadeting or to promote the organization to prospective Cadets and their parents.
P-2 Cadeting as a Part of the Church’s Ministry
Useful for informing church leaders and parents about three important aspects of cadeting: that it is intended to be an integral part of the local church’s ministry; how cadeting can be used to effectively complement Christian day school and church school programming; and how cadeting can be an effective part of the church’s evangelism program.
P-3 The Challenge of Being a Cadet Counselor
Use to recruit men to be counselors or to help new counselors better understand what is expected of them … and the support they can expect.
P-4 Promoting Your Cadet Club
Ideas that clubs are using or can use to promote their activities.

Cadeting: An International Youth Ministry

P-5 A Look at the Cadet Council
The main points of the Cadet Council Handbook are outlined in the program, including officer job descriptions and ideas for promoting Cadet clubs to the church and the surrounding community. It concludes by exploring the benefits of involvement in a Cadet council.
P-6 A Look at the Cadet Congress
Explains how you can make a proposal to the Cadet Congress and how proposals move through the system.
P-7 What You Get From the Corps Office
This program discusses the resource materials available from the Corps office. It also discusses the programs and conferences that are regularly offered to continue the counselor education process.
P-8 The Cadet International Camporee
The Cadet International Camporee is the ultimate ministry experience in cadeting, for men and boys alike. This shows you exactly what a camporee is like and includes explanations of many of the activities that are part of the triennial camporee.

The Cadet Program Series

P-9 Junior Cadets
Junior Cadets explores the special Cadet ministry to boys in grades one through three (six- through eight-year-olds). It explains the unique needs of boys in this age group and the activities that a Junior Cadet program includes to most effectively teach these boys. It also explains the resources that help counselors run an effective Junior Cadet program.
P-10 Recruit•Pathfinder•Builder
The major components of the R•P•B program, for boys in grades four through six (ages nine through eleven), are outlined. It explains the requirements for advancing in rank and earning merit badges. It also highlights the resources for counselors working with boys in this program.
P-11 Guide Trails
Provides an explanation of the program designed for boys in grades seven through nine (ages twelve through fourteen). It gives a close look at the structure of the “trails” that boys can choose to work through, and describes some of the projects that boys can complete. It also includes resources for counselors working with the Guide Trails program.
P-12 Voyageurs
Describes the Cadet program for boys in high school (ages fourteen through sixteen). This video explains the differences between the Voyageurs curriculum and the curriculum for younger Cadets. It also informs the viewer about the resources available to those who will counsel boys in this program level.

The “How To” Series

P-13 Getting the Most Out of Cadet Quest
Discusses each section of the Cadet Quest, the boys’ magazine, and how each part can be used most productively in a Cadet group or meeting. It challenges the counselor to think of ways he can creatively use Cadet Quest to provide variety and substance for the weekly group meeting.
P-14 Motivating Boys
Practical ideas that clubs and counselors can implement to help motivate their Cadets. Discusses outside motivation systems and emphasizes that Cadets will not be motivated to learn what their club wants to teach them unless the counselors are enthusiastic about the material and the boys.
P-15 Disciplining Boys
Reviews the true purpose of discipline, the need for discipline in a club, and useful methods to establish and enforce club rules. Counselors must not only follow the rules themselves, but they must also be models of the positive behavior expected from the Cadets.
P-16 Using the Cadet Profile
Explains some of the benefits of using the Cadet Profile and gives counselors the information they need to begin using it to remember each boy’s interests and chart each boy’s progress.
P-17 Snow Derby
A look at the events that are part of a typical Cadet snow derby — first aid, lashing, axemanship, and cliff rescue. It explains the benefits of a snow derby to your counselors and Cadets, and gives information on resources to help a council plan a snow derby.