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Getting Dusty Bible Lessons • Boy Talk Hand-Out Sheets


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Each of the 24 hand-out sheets helps your boys discuss topics that are important to them, such as respect for authority, family matters, valuing oneself, media influence, music choices, and more.

To be a disciple means to want to be like the person you are following, picking up the “dust” from their path. These lessons help students follow Jesus closer and begin to pick up His “dust” and become more like Him. These lessons are culturally relevant … straight talking … truth — all in a curriculum designed for early teens. It creates opportunities for both guys and girls to learn about and discuss the same topics at the same time. For churches with a Cadet club, a GEMS Girls’ club, and a middle school youth group, this curriculum provides material to use in all three settings. The Boy Talk, Girl Talk, and Keep Talking materials allow counselors and youth group leaders to discuss the topics in both a same-gender and coed setting.

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