The following councils are required to order supplies from your council quartermaster: Bear Creek, Golden Bear, Golden Plains, Grand Rapids, Grand Valley, Greater Edmonton, Illiana, Niagara, NW Washington, Rush Creek, Southern California, and Three Rivers.

Landmark Bible Lessons • Cadet Packets




Packets contain worksheets for 23 lessons for one boy. The Bible passages used in the lessons are printed on these worksheets. Activities and puzzles are also included. These lessons are designed to help boys really understand the landmarks they recite each week.

The dictionary defines a landmark as an object that marks a course or boundary or serves as a guide. The Cadet Landmarks help a person find his way spiritually. Using these lessons will help teach the standards that were set for the Calvinist Cadet Corps years ago … and help Cadets and their counselors aspire to live by these standards today.


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