Cadet Clip Art

Downloading Clip Art

All Cadet clip art images are JPEGs. To save the images to your hard drive consult your browser information as to how to save images off a WEB page. Every browser works a bit different, but the latest versions of popular browsers work as follows: If you have a Mac, hold your down your control key and then click and hold on the image and a pop-up menu will come down that allows you to do a “save as.” Save the image to your hard drive or desktop.

Download Cadet Emblems

Download Cadet Emblem (PNG version – white with transparent background)

Download Cadet Emblem (PNG version – blue and gold with transparent background)

Christian Cadet Club Emblem – Blue and Gold

Christian Cadet Club Emblem – Black and White

Christian Cadet Club Emblem – White with transparent background

Download CCC Cross

Download Junior Cadet Logos

Download Recruit • Pathfinder • Builder Logos

Additional Recruit • Pathfinder • Builder Logos

Download Guide Trails Logos

Download Voyageurs Logos

Download Cadet Theme Candle Design

If you have a PC, right click on the image and a pop-up menu will appear and you will be able to “save as” to your hard drive or desktop.