faq2The staff of the cadeting ministry is happy to personally answer your questions, either by phone (616/241-5616 ext.4 Mon.–Fri. 8:00am to 4:30pm EST) or by e-mail. For your convenience we have some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers below.

What is the theme for this season?
Check out the Cadet Week/Cadet Sunday page for this information

Do you have fund-raising, activity, or project ideas to share with other clubs and don’t know where to share them?
Send them to the Corps office via e-mail, or share them on a Forum (fundraisers, activities, projects, service projects, camping ideas), or share them on the Cadet Facebook page, or use all three ways to share. Sharing is GOOD! Sharing means that you understand that Cadeting is a ministry and building the ministry through sharing builds God’s kingdom!

When is Cadet Sunday?
Cadet Sunday is traditionally scheduled for the last Sunday in January. However, you may schedule Cadet Sunday for whenever it works for your church. Posters and bulletin covers that promote Cadet Sunday are not dated so you can use them whenever you choose.

Where do I get a Cadet Sunday litany?
The litany appears in the Fall Clarion that is e-mailed to all registered counselors, and it is mailed to the pastors of the churches that have clubs, and it appears on this website.

Where do I get a club registration form?
You can download the PDF file, Or you can request a copy be mailed to you by e-mailing us.

Can I send my council officer information or my counselor list on-line?
Yes you can on these pages (council officers and counselor list).

Who needs a guidebook?

Guidebooks are designed for each boy to have his own. Both the Junior Cadet and R•P•B Guidebooks are 8 1/2 x 11 with plenty of room for the boys to fill in the necessary answers. (Just a gentle reminder. All Cadet publications are copyrighted and it is illegal to photocopy any part of them without permission from the Calvinist Cadet Corps.)

How does a Cadet work on his merit badge requirements?
A cadet can work on merit badges in his cadre or on his own. In either case his counselor should supervise his work — “signing-off” in the space provided at the end of the badge’s worksheet when all the requirements have been fulfilled.

Can I photocopy Bible lessons or merit badge pages for my cadre?

All the Bible lessons and guidebook contents for Junior Cadets (Discoverer, Explorer, Adventurer) and for R•P•B / Guide Trails (Lessons from the Bible, Alternative Lessons, Discovering God’s Word Bible Lessons, and Cadet Quest magazine lessons) are designed for each boy to have his own copy. Each club should purchase enough so that each boy has his own copy. All these materials are copyrighted and it is illegal to photocopy them without permission from the Calvinist Cadet Corps.