Junior Cadet Patches

Basic Uniform
The basic Junior Cadet uniform consists of a kerchief and the official T-shirt or sweatshirt with a Cadet emblem. Badges and patches are to be added as they are earned.jrcadetuni

Optional Uniform
If preferred, a club can decide to wear the same style gray shirts that are worn by Cadets in the older programs. Patches and badges should be sewn to this shirt the same as they are on T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Merit Badges and Rank Stripes
Merit badges and rank stripes are to be sewn on the kerchief as indicated above. You may need to be creative to fit your badges and stripes around the design on your kerchief.

Green Star Award
The green star is given by a Cadet club to a Junior Cadet for outstanding leadership potential and performance. This award can only be earned once by a Junior Cadet during the time he is in the Cadet program.

Rank Patches
The tan kangaroo and the red cardinal patches are to be sewn on the right sleeve as the ranks are earned. The green alligator is to be sewn on the left sleeve when it is earned.

Program Stripe
The Junior Cadet program stripe is to be sewn on the left sleeve as soon as the boy starts the program. The Junior Cadet program stripe is to be sewn on the left sleeve as soon as the boy starts the program.

R•P•B Patches

1. Council Stripe (1″-2.5 cm below left shoulder seam)

2. CCC Emblem (1/2″-1 cm below council stripe) – When ordering a shirt from the supplier it will come with a emblem patchrpbpatchplacement

3. Club Numbers (2″-5 cm below right shoulder seam)

4. Cadre Patch (1/2″-1 cm below numbers)

5. Cadre Chief Bars (1/2″ -1 cm above right shoulder seam)

6. Motto Patch (left pocket flap just above button hole)

7. Merit Badges and Sash (1/2″-1 cm above left pocket)


8. Recruit Stripe (1/2″-1 cm below emblem)

9. Flag Knowledge Badge (2 1/4″-5.7 cm below cadre patch)

10. Pathfinder Stripe (1/2″-1 cm below Recruit)

11. Citizenship Badge (1/2″-1 cm below Flag Knowledge)

12. Builder Stripe (1/2″-1 cm below Pathfinder)


  • Camporee Certification Patch (centered on or below right pocket)


  • Camping (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Community Awareness (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Crafts (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Discovering God’s Word (1/2″-1 cm below cadre patch and above Flag Knowledge)
  • Hobbies (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Personal Development (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Science (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Sports (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Where You Live (just above left shoulder seam)
  • Wilderness (just above left shoulder seam)


  • Backpacking Award (centered 1/2″-1 cm below either right or left pocket)
  • Bible Memorization Award • 100 Verse (centered 1/2″-1 cm below either right or left pocket)
  • Bible Memorization Award • 250 Verse (replaces the 100 verse award)
  • Canoeing Award • 100 Mile (centered, 1/2″-1 cm under right pocket)
  • Cross-country Skiing Award • 50 Mile (centered 1/2″-1 cm below either right or left pocket)
  • Cross-country Skiing Award • 100 Mile (replaces the 50 mile award)
  • Cycling Award 400 Mile (centered, 1/2″-1 cm under left pocket)
  • Cycling Award • 1,000 Mile (replaces 400 mile award)
  • Hiking Award • 100 Mile (centered on left pocket)
  • Hiking Award • 250 Mile (replaces 100 mile

16. Event Patches

Patches awarded for participation in Cadet events are to be worn as directed. For example, patches given to campers at an international camporee include a button loop so the patch can be worn hanging from the button on the right pocket. The Snow Derby patch has a cut in it so it can also hang from a pocket button.

17. Black Star Award (worn on right pocket flap, left of button)

Guide Trails Patches


  • Council stripe – 1″ (2.5cm) below left shoulder seam
  • CCC emblem – 1/2″ (1cm) below council stripegtuniform
  • Club numbers – 2″ (5cm) below right shoulder seam
  • Cadre patch – 1/2″ (1cm) below numbers
  • Cadre chief bars – 1/2″ (1cm) above seam of right shoulder]
  • To make room for your Guide Trail badges, remove the R•P•B merit badge sash above your right pocket and replace it with a Guide Trails badge sash. A Cadet who earns more than six Guide Trails badges may put his additional badges on his right sleeve below the elbow.


  • Guide String tie with slide replaces the kerchief. It should be worn with the top shirt button buttoned.
  • Guide stripe – 1/2″ (1cm) below Builder stripe
  • Right Star Guide – first collar star – 1 1/2″ (4cm) from point on right collar
  • Advanced Guide – second collar star – 1 1/2″ (4cm) from point on left collar
  • Servant Leader – 1/2″ (1cm) below citizenship


 Counselor and Junior Counselor Patches
The counselor should wear club numbers, cadre patch, council stripe, and CCC emblem as indicated for Cadet. Special awards and the Camping Certification patch are also worn as indicated for the Cadet. His uniform, however, must be void of any Cadet rank stripe or merit badge.

If a boy wishes to become a junior counselor after passing through the Cadet program, he may retain his awards etc., but is to wear the counselors necktie instead of a kerchief or string tie. He should also wear the junior counselor stripe, and during his term as junior counselor he may earn the Silver Star award.counseloruniform

The counselor is to wear the Counselor Stripe, 1/2 inch (1 cm) below the CCC emblem and the Counselor Name Plate above the left pocket. Additional identification (e.g. Congressman, President, Council Board, D.C.E.) should be worn 1/2 inch (1 cm) below the counselor stripe.

  • Hash Marks – Each stripe indicates two years of service. These stripes are to be worn on your left sleeve beginning 2 inches (5 cm) from the cuff.
  • Service Pin – This pin, given to counselors after each five years of service, is to be worn on the right collar. A previously earned service pin should be removed upon earning a service pin of greater years.
  • Blue Star Award – This is given on the council level to a counselor who has performed continuous outstanding service. It is worn over the right pocket, left of the pocket button.
  • Gold Star Award – This is given at the Corps level to the counselor who has performed significant service on the Corps level. It is worn to the right of the Blue Star.
  • First Aid Certification Patch – This patch is worn on the right sleeve, 1/2 inch (1 cm) beneath the cadre patch.