Independent Clubs

bertbak Although most Cadet clubs have joined with nearby clubs to form councils, about 15% of North American Cadet Clubs are too distant from other clubs to consider being part of a council. We call these clubs independent clubs, and they contact Corps office directly for supplies and other help. Without local support, they have special needs and require greater attention. The CCC offers this support in the form of Bert Bakhuyzen. Bert was selected by the executive director to assist the independent Cadet clubs. Bert volunteers his time to help these clubs with their specific needs, noting their concerns or ideas so that they can be a voice for these clubs at Congress. He spends a lot of time on the phone just being an understanding fellow counselor. We are very grateful for his service to cadeting.

Your independent club consultant is Bert Bakhuyzen. If you’ve been to an international camporee, he’s the guy you’ve seen at the camp store. You can email him or contact the Cadet office.