Your Voice as an Independent Club

A Voice at Congress

One of the responsibilities of staff member, Bert Bakhuyzen, the Independent Club Consultant, is to be the voice of the independent clubs at Congress. Bert can vote at Cadet Congress on behalf of the independent clubs and their counselors.

Regarding Recommendations and Proposals to Congress

Independent clubs can submit recommendations (download recommendation form PDF) but do not have the opportunity to submit proposals as do counselors whose clubs are a member of a council, but independent club counselors do have a staff member, Bert Bakhuyzen, the independent club consultant, and he “has the ear” and the respect of the executive committee. The executive committee can decide to make a proposal based on the information they’ve received from independent clubs via Bert.

Letting the Visioning Team Know About Your Ideas

In the Spring of 2009 the Executive Committee of the Calvinist Cadet Corps decided to form a team to look at all aspects of the Cadeting ministry with an eye toward possibly creating a short range and/or long range plan for the organization. The men who make up this committee understand that the foundation for such planning is to be rooted in petitioning God for His guidance and listening to Him through His Word and through the voice of His people, as He works in their lives and gives them insight and vision. To that end we would like anyone involved in the Cadet ministry and/or youth ministry in general to be able to take a look at what the committee is discussing and to be able to share their thoughts and questions. We covet your prayers as we go through this process.

We will be posting minutes of our meetings on this page (scroll down to see links below) as well as providing a way where questions and thoughts can be submitted to the committee. Please place “for the Visioning Team” in the subject line of your e-mail.

You can also join an online discussion about the future of cadeting by going to our Visioning Forum.

visioningteam2Front, L to R: Dick Broene, Jeff Bakhuyzen, Larry DeHaan, Paul Scharringa, Mark Stob Rear, L ro R: Jim Hoekstra, Alex Snider, John Kaashoek, Tony Broersma, Tim Deemter, Bob Kuipers, Mark Brookhouse Absent: Trent Elders

Visioning Team Minutes (PDF files)

August 2013

June 2013

March 2013

January 2013

July and September 2012