Education & Training

The Cadeting ministry devotes a major share of its time and energy into equipping and supporting the Cadet counselor, recognizing that his work is foundational to the mission of reaching boys as a Christ-like role model. In order to improve as an organization the staff and governing bodies depend on your feed-back. If you have any suggestions on how our materials and services can be improved, we’d like to hear about it.


Being a Cadet counselor is a big commitment of time and energy and the results of that expenditure are not always what you hoped, but God promises that there will be many blessings for a good and faithful servant. And believe it or not, there are some counselors that feel called to serve above and beyond their role as a club counselor. There are opportunities to assist in special activities like conventions, camporees, and cadet-o-ramas. And you can become a trainer in the education network or part of the governing bodies of the organization. Please take a look under the service tab to see the ways that you can use your gifts in the Cadeting ministry.