Congress is the annual board meeting of the Cadet organization. As with most boards of directors, the congressmen are the people who are given the task of making sure that the organization stays true to its mission statement (Helping boys to grow more Christlike in all areas of life) and, as a Christian organization, that it is building a vibrant and spirit-filled future. Each council is allowed to elect congressmen to represent them at this annual meeting. The number of congressmen that represent a council is dependent on the number of clubs in the council. Independent clubs are represented by the Independent Club Consultant. The congressmen meet in West Michigan for three days every January to have visioning discussions, review programs and materials, approve a budget, elect executive committee members, participate in educational workshops, review recommendations, and review and vote on proposals. Proposals come from the general membership of counselors (via their councils or for independent clubs, via the club consultant). Any active Cadet counselor can make a proposal to Congress but it will be reviewed by the executive committee.

News about recent Congresses

A slide show from the 2020 Cadet Congress

Steve Bootsma, Executive Director of Cadets, presents his take on “Tradition and Mission.”